Autumn Lighthouse Festival Print (10th Anniversary), by Rick Dziak

$15.00 each

Trying to paint the way we see can be difficult. When we look at a scene we rarely stare at any given part, but rather, we absorb what is in front of us in its totality within a split second of time. What attracts us to the scene in the first place is usually the way light may be affecting one or more of its many parts. I try to capture the impact of that split second image using color and form. There is little regard for detail, and subject matter is secondary.

To paint in this manner, one must make quick decisions, and react immediately to those decisions. In my best work, these decisions ae reflected in the exciting colors and solid composition.

Paint texture, also plays an important role in my paintings. It gives expression and life to the work. This "life" can never be duplicated in a print. The humanism is always present in originals such as these. That is what gives them their uniqueness and their value.

Working "en plein aire", or on location out of doors, helps me key in on true color, and the sensation felt looking at the scene before me. This sensation is heightened as the painting progresses adding more excitement to the piece. These characteristics tend to carry over and come through in my studio work.

Rick Dziak - Northcoast "Plein Aire" Painter

MHD Decal

$2.00 each

(for quantities of 4 or more, please include $1.00 for delivery)

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