U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport Program

Marblehead Peninsula Chamber of Commerce is now selling the Lighthouse Passport.

The United States Lighthouse Society sponsors a Passport Program, which includes a passport with a blue vinyl cover, similar in appearance to an official United States passport. When you visit a participating U.S. lighthouse, you can get your passport stamped. There are four panels on each page of the passport and each panel should have a different lighthouse stamp. When your passport is filled it will contain 60 stamps. The stamps, designed by Society graphic designer Rusty Nelson, are a work of art. However, if you visit a lighthouse that is not participating in the program, is closed, or for whatever reason, you can't get your passport stamped...take a picture of the lighthouse or cut out a logo of the lighthouse from a brochure and paste it in the square, or if you're artistic, draw it in.

When your passport is filled, send it to the U. S. Lighthouse Society for verification (include $4.60 to cover Priority return mail postage).

Visit www.uslhs.org for more information.

Cost of the Lighthouse Passport is $12.50. To purchase the Passport, please stop in our office.

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